Sydney & Zachary

October 9, 2021Pittsburgh, PA

Our Story
Our Story

In 2013, Zach was working as a dish boy at Sherwood Oaks, a nursing home in Cranberry Township. Sydney had just turned 16 and was looking for a job and she had applied at Sherwood Oaks to work in the kitchen and serve food to the residents. Sherwood Oaks called Sydney back a few days later after she applied for the job and asked her for an interview. She went in for the interview and they hired her right on the spot! A few weeks later, Sydney had started her job working in the kitchen and saw Zach doing dishes and mopping floors, but she didn't know his name (or that they went to the same high school). She didn't have a name tag at the time, and was sure no one knew her name since she was new at work. Well a few weeks into working there she got a message on Facebook from a Zach DaLonzo that works at Sherwood Oaks. It started to come together that this was the boy from the dish room with the flat brim hat on and that he had checked out the work schedule to get her name. So that is the start of how a boy in flat brim hat fell in love with a girl in khaki flare pants and a big white bow in her hair.

We had talked for a few months before we made things official on September 1, 2013.

We went to Homecoming and Prom together (twice) and eventually Zach had graduated high school and went off to college. When Zach started college, Sydney was just starting her senior year of high school. The long distance was tough but they made it work, and one year later they were both at Kent State University together. Sydney and Zach had a great time in college together. While some times things got very difficult, they faced everything head on and grew individually and as a couple.

When Zach graduated college in December 2018, he moved back to Cranberry Twp. while Sydney was still up at college finishing up school. The following spring, Sydney had come home to celebrate Easter with her family. Zach had taken Sydney up to Mount Washington that weekend and popped the big question. Of course she said "yes"! Sydney went back to college after that weekend as a fiance. In December of 2019, Sydney had graduated college and she and Zach decided to move into their own apartment in Cranberry Twp. where Zach is a Customer Service Representative for a logistics company and Sydney teacher Junior Kindergarten.

The Wedding

Saturday, October 9, 2021
Attire: Formal Attire
Dutilh United Methodist Church
1270 Dutilh Road, Cranberry Township, PA, 16066, United States
Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at The Priory
614 Pressley St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212
Cocktail hour begins at 6:00 p.m.
Wedding Party

Hannah Eiseman - Bridesmaid
Emily Tilberg - Bridesmaid
Lisa Campo - Bridesmaid
Brooke Trego - Bridesmaid
Ashley DaLonzo - King - Bridesmaid
Kailey DaLonzo - Bridesmaid
Micaela Meinert - Bridesmaid
Nina Balistrieri - Bridesmaid
Brandon DaLonzo - Best Man
Gunnar Hodges - Groomsman
Kyle Snyder - Groomsman
Kyle Plut - Groomsman
Tyler Wilson - Groomsman
Nick Bertolino - Groomsman
Dylan McMahon - Groomsman
Julian Kozmon - Groomsman